Review your business, clients, colours, competitors, products and prices ready for 2017

Naomi Booth :: Friday 16th December 2016 :: Latest Blog Posts

Making a plan for 2017

When we get to this time of year it is always good to take the opportunity to stop, enjoy the Christmas festivities, look back on the highlights of the past year and then stop again and start to look forward!

So lets review together

What has your business done well this year, what are you proud of?

"I really liked this logo for Nick, can't wait to see the business cards and sign-writing..."

 Chase Technology Solutions

"I have also enjoyed doing newsletters this year, for Anousta, Hands on Life and Canvas. A thing of beauty that won't last more than a month, but can help those businesses get their messages and products out there via print, blog and email!"

Anousta Natural Skincare Products NewsletterImages: hands-on-life.jpg


"The Poundbury Florist website, she loves it and people are buying more from her online than before, so it works, that is why I like it. I also love the search on another website people just like because it does it's job!"

Poundbury Florist websiteSixpenny Handley Website


Who were your clients in 2016?

Our clients were small and medium sized businesses and organisations. Mostly local, but some further afield who we have only met once.

Did your brand and marketing reach the right audience?

Mostly. I think we need to move our branding on, to be more up-to-date, hence the new logo for social media and print work in 2016. We need to make time to implement that new branding on the website.

The Web Booth new logoThe Web Booth new header

The old website now looks too cluttered and old-fashioned, time for an overhaul!

Our marketing online worked OK, we kept our clients in the loop about changes to domain-names via email and were inundated with domain renewal requests. We didn't sell ourselves much and could use more social media to keep us in people's minds.

More questions...

Were our products right, did we meet expectations, are our prices competitive?

Looking forward to 2017...

Attract new customers

So it looks like a new website is on the cards for us...

  • Who are our prospective customers?
  • What are their needs?
  • What will attract them?
  • Are the colours right?

Check competitors for design, pricing and services offered.

Look after existing customers

Plan a few more contact points via email or social media with our existing customers as the one we did worked well. Try a marketing calendar - you can download one online or why not pick up one cheap in the sales after Christmas!

Do we have any other services or products clients might not know we offer?

Can we use/create any tools to create a better experience for them?

Still more to think about - but it is a start and written down!!

What are your plans?

If you have plans we can help you with do give us an email or call 01725 552430.