How to make the most of your Facebook advertising

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 21st February 2017 :: Latest Blog Posts

Taking the plunge into advertising on Facebook can seem daunting; maybe you have seen your online advertising money disappearing with little return? Here are a few practical tips to help get the most out of your Facebook advertising.

Make a status into an Ad and boost engagement

Create a status that will engage your current followers then you can make more of it by using "Boost". 

Your Followers need to be excited about it, "Like" it, "Share" it and talk about it or you won't see the results you have hoped for.

Facebook is built on "Friends". You see things your friends like and they see things you like. Facebook knows the people you engage with most and will show them your status before others. Think about the people further out in your network - you may only see a status from them when they have a huge announcement like they are getting married and so many of their friends have liked an commented before you even get to see the post. Your ad works just like that!

Facebook Boost

So as you can see that is why getting Followers and Friends is so important to your business.

Employee advocacy - everyone can help

So how can you help get your ad out there? You may only be a small company, but asking your employees, partners, contributors, distributors to engage with you on social media will help share your ad to more of your followers and even get through to their friends and followers too.

Have you tried posting to local Buying and Selling groups on Facebook too? They all have different rules so do read them before sharing your post there, but they are watched by many people religiously so it may be worth the extra work.

How to make your ad engaging

  1. Always make the headline of your ad make people want to click-through, like or share your ad.
  2. Use images of what you are talking about. Some people will find including a photo of themselves will promote more engagement, others it will be about the new product features or special offer.
  3. Try video, more and more videos are exploding onto Facebook, is it time you joined them?

What are you competitors doing. As with all things in business it is a good idea to keep an eye on what is working for other people in your industry.

See what works for you

Once you have set up an ad, see how it works. Not every post is going to make the conversions you want it to, but if you analyse the data you can see patterns, what people like to engage with and what they aren't interested in.

Want more?

I hope this has helped, if you would like me to look at how your business may benefit from using Facebook more do get in touch.