On Monday 21st October Naomi gave this talk to members of the Blandford Business Support Group.

Naomi Booth :: Tuesday 22nd October 2019 :: Latest Blog Posts

Here are the bullet points from the talk I gave in Blandford Forum then other day... It is really helpful for all small businesses to think about who your customers and what they want, especially when trying to market to them!

  1. Who are your clients?
    You will have different types or segments of clients - sex, age, socio-economic group, interests - can you define them?
  2. What are their goals/issues?
    For each client type can you define what is the goal/issue you currently solve?
  3. How do your products/services solve   issues and meet goals?
    Again for each client type.
    Are there any gaps you feel – could you help them in any other ways? Marketing opportunity – mustn't forget to market your products/services to your current clients...

    Now you have identified clients needs and how we solve them we need to think how we get our message to them

  4. Where do your clients look for help with their goal/issue?
    Online – google/social media – on high street – local groups – colleagues, friends & family – current customers?

  5. How can you market your business telling  potential customers you can help   them.
    Where are they – where do you need to be?
    Google – SEO, Blogs, Google Ads
    Social Media – depend on age – Fbook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, Youtube, Ticktoc, Pintrest
    Many will be on their mobiles
    High Street, location, windows/signs
    Radio – phone in?
    Local groups – business groups, sponsoring stuff, community magazines
    Friends/Customers – referral schemes
    Customers – Email marketing
    How can you tell them your business fulfils their needs?
    Linked in, Blog, Magazines – articles showing expert in field
    Fbook – Social, fun, helping, go live, events
    Facebook is now the number one social media channel for video content
    Video content on Facebook receives 135% more engagement than images
    4x as many consumers claim they would rather watch a video about a product than read about it

We spent the rest of the morning looking in a bit more detail at Facebook, but I'll save that for another day...