Babigloo, Music for Babies

Babigloo is an Arts Council project to provide beneficial therapy to young families through music and storytelling.

With big pictures, a strong colour pallet and music this fun little website is designed to match its subject perfectly.

The site is targeted at NHS trusts and children's centres and carries technical information about why sessions are beneficial.  We wanted to  build a fun website which delivers stuffy, academic text to  locked-down government computers.

The Website

Knowing the target audience is running on out-of-date kit on locked down computers is always a bit worrying.  We stuck with some tried and tested gallery and lightbox code.  We wrote our own minimalist music player based around the amazing Html 5 <audio> tag which worked like a dream.  With a server side Twitter feed to avoid firewall complications all is well.

The dark palette helps really lift the pictures and the bright orange accent colour adds a bit of flare.  All-in-all we are pretty pleased with the balance we struck.  What do you think?

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