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CBA Services are an accountants now based in Blandford Forum, Dorset.

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Catherine had a good idea of the kind of logo she was looking for and we worked through development until she was happy. It has since been updated when the company became limited.

The Website

We wanted to give this great company a distinctive look, the red pinstripes were a start but we needed more - in lieu of anything else we went looking for stock images and found some red and white mannequins.  Each page has a little stick man at the top – it's great fun, memorable and distinctive.

The Web Booth started this website in 2013 and we have rebuilt it twice since then.  Firstly to make it "responsive" - so it works on phones.  Then we gave it a database and made it editable.

It is wonderful how this company and their website have grown together.  If you need an accountant why not contact Catherine.

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