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Elysium Accountants in Ringwood first came to us with a WordPress website that needed maintaining.  It had been hacked and was doing badly with Google.  We got it working correctly and advised on their use of social media.  Later they asked for a replacement website.

The Website

Elysium already had a very strong website design.  Based on fire and brimstone religious paintings they have a picture of a ferryman leading people over a river to  a promised land.  This fits with their forensic analysis of people's accounts.  Their issue was that when they used the image as a background it slowed the website down and you couldn't see it because of the content over the top obscured the background image.  The solution was to used blocks of transparent colour to highlight content and divide it up, and to have nice big gaps between the blocks that you can see the ferryman through.

We ended up with a really nice, strong and unique design.

Elysium have a company that they buy financial content and news from.  We wrote an client to connect to their API so we can proxy the third party content onto Elysium's website. If you need to connect to an API we can help!

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