Equi-poise Farrier

Equi-poise offer farrier, bio-mechanics and livery services on Cranborne Chase near Blandford Forum, Dorset.

Equi-poise Mobile Farrier Equi-poise team in their brande Equipoise team with their brand

The Logo

Toby had some great ideas about what he wanted for a logo. horses, horseshoes and all! This was when he was still Toby Daniels' Farrier.

The logo had an upgrade when the he became a Ltd company and Equi-poise was born. I love seeing his truck about with the logo on too!

The Website

We created Equi-poise's new website based around their logo and colour scheme.  Their website is a simple brochure which will be able to expand with their business.

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Visit Equi-poise Website

Equipoise Website

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