Ocean Stars Trust

Ocean Stars are a charity, based in Fleet, that supports families in Sri Lanka.  In particular it runs a number or pre-schools.


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Evolving Website

We made the first Ocean Stars website in 2005 shortly after the devastation of 2004 and have been maintaining it ever since.  Now on its 3rd major rewrite it includes a donation "shop" where you can choose what to buy the young students and their families.  Choose from stationary, chickens or a fishing boat!

Among the problems we have solved for Ocean Stars were:

  • Raising the profile of donations with calls to action.
  • Stopping Google from sending visitors to blogging site by hosting their blogs on their main website.
  • Organising content so people can find the information they need.
  • Modernising and updating the site as new technologies emerge.

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Logo development

Ocean Stars had a logo created by themselves. In 2012 they were looking for a more corporate logo so came to us for some ideas.

Since then the logo has been used for so many different applications - on t-shirts, bags, social media and for different campaigns.
Ocean Stars Trust Logo Logo Development Ocean Stars Logo Ideas 2012

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