RM Hall Joinery

RM Hall is a joiner and cabinet maker handling bespoke projects from his workshop outside Cranborne.

RM Hall Joinery Website


We created a logo using a formal and stylish font which we could also use on the website.  The logo incorporates a traditional hand plane and is in "shadow blue".

The Website

It was vital to showcase examples of completed work and to make the most of the excellent customer feedback which RM Hall has collected over the years.

We wanted to combine a modern aesthetic with elegant, traditional elements.  In RM Hall's work we saw a reassuring, formal structure - in the panels of finished doors and in staircases banisters; we wanted to continue this through into the website's design.  Of course we also wanted to display as many great photos as possible while making the most of stylish white space.

The photos and testimonials and surrounded by double borders and arranged into regular grid.  The thumbnail images are a little smaller than they could be to bring in a bit more white space.

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