Signrite, Shaftesbury

Signrite are a signwriter and printer in Shaftesbury, Dorset.  They provide everything a business needs to promote themselves including signage, business cards, clothing, car & van sign writing and more. They do a lot of work in-house, other jobs are out-sourced. They also print building plans.  Sign Rite came to us with a old website based around a hosted authoring system that only really worked in Internet Explorer.

Signrite Website Signrite signmakers

The Website

Signrite's old website had a strong design in white, navy and red.  This was a bit of a challenge to modernise, we went with an RAF style roundel.  As Sign Rite out source a lot of work we needed to incorporate external product catalogues.  We also made a vast products page featuring slideshows of previous work.  Where possible we include location information in the product descriptions to link the company more deeply with its catchment area.

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