Spire Cycleworks

Spire Cycleworks are based outside Salisbury where repair racing bicycles and other carbon fibre objects.  They build custom wheels.  They service and fit bikes.

Matt came to us with a rather complicated self built website and wanted something simple and stylish.  He also wanted a logo.

The Logo

We explored a number od design ideas with Matt before choosing to use the idea of Salisbury's spire as a sports logo.  We noticed that a straight road disappearing into the distance makes a similar shape and played with double-white-lines, common road marking around here.  We also though of the house martins and peregrines that nest on the cathedral.  Other inspiration included cycle gears and an angry hedgehog.

The Website

We needed to make a much more professional looking website.  The look and layout was inspired by the many sports-equipment websites that are out there already.  We went with a neutral palette and lots of photos.  It is a simple list of Spire Cycles' services and a contact-us page.

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