Tallut Machinery

Tallut Machinery sell second hand construction plant and agricultural machines.  They also sell compact tractors.

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Tallut had a "Pegasus" logo but descided it needed a new one.  The new logo includes a stylised tractor and looks like  a metal plate that a manufacturer may fixed to a finished machine.

The Website

For Tallut we built  a complete e-commerce shop without the actual shopping basket.

They can add and edit products with pricing and detailed specifications.  They can associate products with each other.  For example a mower or post knocker with a tractor.

Because Tallut stock is constantly changing, they have a gallery where they can display items they have sold in the past.  This ensures that items that may not be available now stay on the website and potential customers can still find them on Google and can inquire about them.

As a family business they wanted personal photos and photos of their buildings along with a history of how the company began.

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