West Dorset Wedding Flowers

To display West Dorset Wedding Flowers photographs to their best we went with a dark background and enormous pictures. 

The Logo & Printwork

When Jessie moved from The Poundbury Florist to set up West Dorset Wedding Flowers she asked us to design a classy logo that was going to work for all her printwork and online. She had decided on the colour palette and had photos taken of her favourite peonies to inspire the design.

That was 2014 and the logo is still going strong - the most recent design was for a large beer mat weight business card, but my favourite application of the brand is her chocolate brown floristry van which she delivers beautiful wedding flower in.

Logo brand sheet 2014 Beer mat flyer

West Dorset Wedding Flowers West Dorset Wedding Flowers

The Website

The colour pallet of chocolate and coral is rich and luxurious.  The dark background allows photography to shine.  This website is several years old and has been updated regularly with new technology.  The portfolio has been improved for mobile devices as has the menu navigation.

To display large photos on mobile devices without slowing down or eating up data contracts we decide to resize images dynamically on the server and deliver the smallest files necessary to the client.  We do this as a matter of course these days but we originally wrote our system for this website.  To ensure fast download we use CloudFlare's caching system.  Believe it or not but this is a pretty high-tech website!

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They Say

"Naomi and Chris have designed and managed my websites for years, and I recommend them to everyone I can! Great service, friendly people and fabulous websites as a result. Great job, guys xx"

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