About The Web Booth

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Who are The Web Booth?

The Web Booth is a partnership between Chris and Naomi Booth.

We are a married couple with two children, living in Sixpenny Handley, Dorset. Naomi has been creating designs and building websites for over fifteen years.  Chris is a programmer with over twenty years of experience writing all sorts of programmes from websites to 3d games to business software.

What We Do

Together we design and programme beautiful and effective websites. We enjoy meeting you, our customers, so we can learn how design a website that is perfect for you and works exactly the way you want.  The Internet is still changing quickly; we never get bored as we are constantly having to learn new techniques so we can keep making cutting edge websites.

Find Out More

Well that is a little about us, we'd like to find out a bit about you too so contact us and we can make a website designed just for you.

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